“For truth is always strange;
stranger than fiction."


Welcome to my website! Here you'll find information about my work, my passion for writing, and my love for the weird and strange. I also like the bizarre, and you'll find much of that here. My hope is that this site will be informative and entertaining in addition to promoting others' work. As well as encouraging creativity in all of us, I hope to make a difference in people's lives.

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Interested in seeing my photography but in stunning 4k?! And being able to download it for free? Check out my new Unsplash account! Feel free to use my photos in any project you want. If you do, tag me with @writeoddity so I can see them!


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Added About Me page.


Added the Anomalie Series page.


The Project Showcase page has been updated to accommodate new projects.


Total revamp of the website.

Added new pages: Project Showcase, the Anomalie Series, and External Links.

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