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About Me

Hey! I'm WriteOddity. I'm an artist and a writer.

I draw mostly human and anthro beings. I adore nonhuman characters, particularly robots and aliens. I have a deep interest in art itself and like experimenting with various artistic mediums. I try to keep my art as safe for work as possible, but I do incorporate heavier topics on occasion, so be aware. My inspiration is basically anything and everything that gets me thinking and has something to do with the world around me. In my art, I am inspired by life in a very literal way. I draw a lot and am constantly looking for new ways to express myself. I've been experimenting with watercolor for some time and will continue to do so.

I'm a writer for fun but would like to pursue a career with my talent. I love making stories and developing characters. I mostly write science fiction, fantasy, and mysteries. I enjoy writing about the various relationships and dynamics that take place in these stories. I like to get into the minds of my characters and think like they would. And because of this, I am drawn to genres and characters that allow me to explore human nature and how we relate to one another.

A year or so ago, I finally started writing daily again. I had been working on a few pieces for the last five years, but I kept losing steam and finding it difficult to put myself back in the position that it would take to write them. I've been struggling with perfectionism that was getting in the way of creating anything. But after a long time of self-reflection, I realize that writing stories is what I was always meant to do, and I think I have finally found my place in life again.