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This page includes a collage and a short story.
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Joe and Benny Christmas Special

Originally written in 2019. Minimal editing to preserve the original text. Images drawn in 2022.

Lovemore had an unusually harsh winter that year. The snow was not what the residents had imagined; it felt more like frozen pebbles than fluffy pillows of white. Despite the strange and frequently disappointing weather, some people liked winter. Two friends in particular enjoyed the snow on Christmas Eve: Benny Sanduíche and Joe Narrazione.

"Hey, Benny! Watch your head!"

Joe pelted his friend Benny with a snowball, striking him on the arm. Their laughter echoed across the neighborhood as their feet crunched about in the snow. They returned to their home's porch, which was lit by a small lantern on the wall. Benny had prepared hot chocolate for them after they had been outside for a long time.

"This tastes delicious! Did you make this yourself, Benny?" Joe asked, wiping some of the drink off his face.

"Well, I guess I made it myself. But that's only if you count using packets and hot water." Benny poured more hot cocoa into Joe’s mug and noticed that he looked a little sad. "Hey, Joe, are you feeling alright?"

Joe put his head on his folded arms, "Yeah, Benny. I feel just fine."

Benny frowned, knowing that he was lying. "I've got a feeling you're just saying that to get me to leave you alone. You look sad, Joe." He wrapped his arm around Joe and said, "You know you can talk to me about anything, right?"

Joe sighed. "You can read me like a book. Benny, this is my first year away from home. I miss my mom!"

Joe started tearing up, and Benny patted him on the back. The brunet immediately thought of a brilliant plan to help his husband.

After a few hours of Benny planning in secret, the doorbell rang. Joe opened it, surprised to see that his mother was at the door. Behind her were a few of his other friends from the neighborhood.

"Mom! How did you get here so fast? And how did you know I missed you?" Joe gasped, hugging his mother.

"It’s a mother’s instinct, Joseph." Mrs. Narrazione winked at Benny, and Joe invited everyone to come inside and celebrate.

Joe felt much better about Christmas Eve when the community hosted a small party at their home. Benny smiled widely, enjoying the comfortable ambience in his living room.

"Benny, I can't thank you enough..." Joe had not been that happy in years.

"You don't have to be, Joe," Benny replied, "I should thank you! I'm so glad I have someone to spend the holidays with! And look, we just so happen to be under the mistletoe!"

Benny knelt down and kissed Joe on the cheek. He smirked and walked into the kitchen to prepare some more hot chocolate. Joe wiped his brow, understanding the true meaning of Christmas:

"The greatest gift of all is the love of your friends and family."

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