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The Anomalie Series

A collection of stories I've written set in Anomalie, an alternative version of Earth. You may learn more about the narrative's history by reading the Book of Lore. Click on the images to visit each individual story.

Metal Bone

Mystery | Horror

"Amir is an intelligent, cynical android who explores everyday situations. He is always one step ahead of everyone else, seeing the world for what it really is. But when he starts to see the dark side of humanity, he begins to question his own existence. Is he really just a machine, or is there more to life than what he sees? As he searches for answers, he discovers a horrifying secret that will change his life forever."

Faust Sanity

Suspense | Action

"Whatever the circumstance, David always wears a spiky black choker. Nobody understands why except him—to keep his werewolf form under control. During a late-night pizza delivery, he is ambushed by a gang of elves. He is able to fight them off, but not before they rip his choker off. The full moon is rising, and David can feel the transformation beginning to take over."

The Truth About Hate

Horror | Comedy

"Father Sawyer Specter had always been a devout man, but he never expected to have a direct line to the otherworldly. It started with small things, like hearing voices when he was praying or sensing a presence in the room when he was performing a baptism. Soon, Sawyer was able to see and speak to the dead, which gave him a unique perspective on the afterlife. He used his ability to help people find closure and peace, but it won't always be easy."

Vast Grey Sky

Drama | Sci-Fi

"Captain Chenille Angora is the leader of the Galactic Federation, which governs and safeguards the whole galaxy. They always save the day with her First Lieutenant and husband, Velour Eltrasuede, by her side—that is, until she gives birth to their daughter, Eri. After five beautiful years of raising her, Chenille returns to discover that the galaxy's most dreadful tyrant from her home planet, Névé, has escaped. He is now hiding on Earth, and she must track him down while disguised as a human. What follows is a journey to find and protect her family while discovering who she really is."